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Many test requirements require the addition of a Slip Table and DYNAMIC SOLUTIONS offers many designs and options to meet your requirements.  Standard construction generally consists of a concrete filled steel case, which works as a reaction mass and supports a precisely ground granite slab. A magnesium slip plate is placed on top of the granite and a thin oil film separates the two pieces.  However, because DYNAMIC SOLUTIONS shakers are built with pneumatic isolators to prevent vibration from being induced into the laboratory floor, heavy seismic masses are not required and lighter designs are often preferred.

DYNAMIC SOLUTIONS offers Stand Alone and Integrated “Combo-base” designs for horizontal oil film and bearing guided tables of all sizes.  Our Slip Table Assemblies can be ordered with either pressurized Oil Film, or High Pressure Journal Bearing Guided tables for new or existing shakers.

Combo-Bases are available for small and large shakers. The integrated design insures proper alignment of shaker and slip table after repeated axis change.

NEW!! Now Dynamic Solutions shaker systems can be ordered with oil-film slip tables in several standard combo-base sizes with 12”, 15”, 20”, 25”, 30”, 36”, 40” and 48” slip tables and many special standard features that are optional from other manufacturers.

Click here to download features.

Stand Alone Tables are a cost effective and easily adaptable method of adding horizontal axis testing.

Slip Table Assemblies are available in standard oil film configurations or with guide grooves or linear bearings for testing articles with higher centers of gravity.

DYNAMIC SOLUTIONS provides a variety of design options to guarantee you the most economical solution that is best suited to your application.

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