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Dynamic Solutions offers vibration test equipment covering a wide range of test applications. Dynamic Solutions offers a complete range of vibration test systems, including air cooled Electro-Dynamic Shakers with outputs from 40-16,000 force pounds and High-G water-cooled systems rated at over 40,000 force pounds; State-of-the-art IGBT Switch Mode and Linear Power Amplifiers; Slip-Table Assemblies; Dynamic Fixtures; Head Expanders; Mechanical Vibration Shakers and Shock Test Equipment, Free Fall Shock Testers and peripheral instrumentation including control and data acquisition systems, accelerometers and more.  Dynamic Solutions also provides a large selection of previously owned, reconditioned shock and vibration test systems. 

If you don't see what you are looking for -- CALL US! We specialize in cost effective custom solutions!
Dynamic Solutions is committed to quality. We believe in our products and we offer the only shaker in the world to provide a 3 years warranty.

As seen on the cover of Test Engineering and Management Magazine June/July 2003 Issue

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